Pruning climbing roses

Pruning climbing roses

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Climbing roses are special and cannot be pruned like classic roses

The size of the climbing rose should allow the rose to continue to climb on its support while offering the most beautiful blooms.

Be careful, this size is only done on subjects who are at least 3 years old.

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The size of the climbing rose

The Climbing climbing roses, those that flower several times a year, are pruned in February or March.

  • Apply to the end of winter and outside the frost period, a size called "fish bone« .
  • Start by remove dead wood and dried up.
  • Delete the oldest branches, those we call old wood. Don't be afraid to remove this old wood because it is the young shoots that gain strength and flower the best.
  • Keep the 5 or 6 branches the most vigorous and prune the side branches to about 3 eyes. This usually amounts to pruning each side branch to 20 or 30 cm from their base.

  • The remaining branches will thus constitute the carpenter branches.

In regards to non-ascending climbing roses, that is to say which flower only once, perform the same gestures after flowering.

Here is a video of the advice on how to prune a climbing rose:

Smart tip

In summer, you can continue to “clean” your rose bush by thinning out twigs and other dead branches that are unnecessary for the shrub to develop properly.

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Video: Pruning an overgrown rose. (June 2022).


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