Lemon tree of the 4 seasons: maintenance advice

Lemon tree of the 4 seasons: maintenance advice

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The lemon tree of the 4 seasons is a magnificent citrus fruit which owes its name to the fact that it bears flowers and fruits during the four seasons.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Citrus silt
Family : Rutaceae
Type : Tree

: 3 to 5 m
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Well drained

: Persistent -Flowering : January to December

Health: benefits and virtues of lemon

Planting, caring for and pruning are all things you can do to grow beautiful lemons and prevent disease. (Photo © vulcanus)

Planting the 4 seasons lemon tree

Planting the lemon is an important stage which will condition the good recovery and the growth of the lemon tree of the 4 seasons.

Note that planting in the ground is only possible where the climate is relatively mild in winter and sheltered from frost.

Lemon trees of the 4 seasons in the ground:

  • Preferably in spring after severe frosts.
  • Choose a sheltered and sunny place to promote its growth and have beautiful lemons.
  • Be careful, the 4 seasons lemon tree will only grow in the ground where the winter climate is mild.

Lemon trees of the 4 seasons in pots:

  • The culture of lemon tree in pot is best for all citrus as soon as it freezes in your area.
  • It will then be necessary return from October to May.
  • Perform a repotting after your purchase and then every 2-3 years in the spring.

For more advice on potted lemon trees, follow this link

Pruning the 4 seasons lemon tree

No pruning is really essential, but if you don't prune your lemon tree, it should quickly take a lot of breadth.

Then reduce each new shoot by half approximately, taking care to cut just above a leaf.

  • This will also allow your tree to keep a nice compact shape.
  • You may have to intervene many times in the year.

Delete it dead wood as and possibly ventilate the interior of the tree to give it back light.

Watering citrus limon

Pot, it is important to water as soon as the ground is dry, without flooding the pot.
Avoid any heat source such as near a radiator, as this can dry out your tree.

  • Find all watering tips lemon tree in pot

Outdoors and in the ground, water in hot weather or prolonged drought.

Caring for the 4 seasons lemon tree

Even if the lemon tree of the 4 seasons is one of citrus the most resistant, there are enough delicate to grow in the ground when winter is cold.

It is then necessary protect with a winter cover as soon as the temperatures are negative

Regularly bring him a organic fertilizer "Special citrus" to give it the maximum chance to develop well.

The fertilizer is added in 3 times:

  • Before flowering
  • As soon as the first fruits appear
  • In September, to promote the growth of lemons

Pot culture will be more adequate, because it allows the lemon tree to enter a place where it does not freeze in winter.

The lemon tree is not a houseplant and therefore will not be able to bear to stay in a heated room all year round, it needs a certain coolness from October to May.

  • If you want a citrus fruit that tolerates indoor cultivation well, choose the calamondin.

Diseases of the lemon tree of the 4 seasons

Moniliosis : lemons rot on the lemon tree
Cochineal : a whitish mass invades the foliage
Aphids : The leaves curl and eventually fall

Smart tip

Pick the lemons as soon as they come off easily of the branch.

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