Create a garden without plants, zen and minimalist

Create a garden without plants, zen and minimalist

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If you have a corner of the garden where nothing grows, don't give it up to weeds. It can become a very calming Zen garden!

The king mineral

Those who have been fortunate enough to go to Japan are sure to know Ryoanji Garden. This famous zen garden is made up of ... sand, gravel, pebbles and rocks. Less far than the Japanese archipelago, you can visit the reproduction in the Drôme, in Montvendre. Without trying to copy this vast zen garden or "karesansui" (dry garden in Japanese), you can compose a mini at home.

Reduced maintenance ...

Mark off a rectangular area of ​​a few square meters on the floor.

  • Till the soil to remove stones and weeds.
  • Lay a non-woven film on the ground to prevent weed seeds from germinating.
  • Obtain the necessary materials in a garden center or a masonry company: fine sand, gravel, pebbles, rocks.
  • Unroll the film. Secure it around the edges with camping sardines. Spread the sand. Create a mini dry river with the pebbles or gravel.
  • Place the rocks aesthetically in the garden.
  • Buy or make a wooden rake with triangular teeth to rake sand. You can add a mini Buddhist temple, a small bridge or a bamboo tilting fountain to it. Your zen garden is finished! All you have to do is rake it after each rain to form waves.

... for maximum meditation

In Ryoanji's garden, the 15 rocks have been cleverly arranged so that they are not all visible at the same time.

Install your rocks in groups of three, alternating their shapes to obtain masses resembling boats in the fog, the sand symbolizing the sea.

To do this, use a tall stone and a smaller one vertically which will symbolize the sails and a flat stone laid horizontally for the hull of the boat.

In front of such minimalist decor, you can spend many hours meditating and clearing your mind.

Pierrick the gardener

Visuals: Ryoanji and Sansuiro Ryokan Gardens: © Japan Photo Libray

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