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Pennisetum: a very pretty grass

Pennisetum: a very pretty grass

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Pennisetum is a grass that has many varieties and is appreciated for its wild side.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Pennisetum
Family : Poaceae
Type : Grass

Height : 50 to 90 cm
Exposure : Sunny

Foliage : Obsolete
Flowering : July to October

Ideal for decorating contemporary gardens, it also has a natural and wild side which advantageously ventilates all gardens.

Planting pennisetum

It is recommended to plant in spring or fall but to avoid at all costs periods of frost or extreme heat.

  • During the first weeks after planting, water regularly in order to facilitate rooting.

As pennisetum is not a demanding perennial, it will be content with roughly all types of soil.

  • You will be able multiply your pennisetum easily in dividing the tuft in the fall or early spring.

Maintenance of pennisetum

Easy to grow and maintain, pennisetums require almost no care when installed.

On the other hand, it is recommended to cut them down once a year.

When to prune pennisetum?

Cut back the clumps of dry leaves in early spring to regenerate the plant.

  • Casting off amounts to cutting about 20 cm from the ground.
  • By leaving the tufts in winter, you will enjoy their decorative effect for longer because, even when dry, they are very pretty.

The pennisetum mainly fear drought this is why it is necessary to water in the event of hot weather or the absence of long-lasting rain.

To know about the pennisetum

TA very beautiful perennial with a marine character, pennisetum has the particularity of blooming advantageously in our gardens in summer and in autumn depending on the variety.

Original and very decorative, this plant requires very little maintenance.

It is used more and more today for its natural and wild side which is ideal for contemporary gardens which also seek a clean side.

Finally, pennisetum is also beautiful from spring to winter because by letting the tufts dry in the fall, you will enjoy beautiful foliage in the colder months.

For early flowering, you can for example choose pennisetum massaicum (pictured at the top of this page) which has the particularity of blooming in spring.

Smart tip

The foliage and flowers of the pennisetum are often used in flower arrangements.

The pozzolan and the shale are well suited for mulching this type of plant.

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