Soil: utility and selection criteria

Soil: utility and selection criteria

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The compost is a growing medium which participates in the growth of the plant, its rooting and the good assimilation of the nutrients it needs.

There are many potting soils and among them many variations in quality, how to even clearer?

Not all plants have the same agronomic characteristics and therefore have different growing media requirements.

Definition of soil

A growing medium essential for plant growth, potting soil could be defined as a natural substrate made up of plant material resulting from the decomposition of plants.

The soil promotes the rooting of the plant, water retention (this aims to maintain watering in the soil as long as possible) and aeration.

Composition of the soil

While the term compost encompasses many "Recipes" and therefore different qualities of substrates, there are generally some essential materials in the composition of the soil.

  • There are brown peat, blond peat, compost different plant materials, perlite for potting soil sowing and of cuttings or the Terre Noire de Brière.
  • The compositions vary from producer to producer and are therefore not all of the same quality.

Peat, a protected material:

Today, as peat is difficult to renew, new materials have emerged such asHortifibre or the Terre Noire de Brière.

They have characteristics close to that of the peat while having almost inexhaustible resources.
By using it, you therefore participate in the Environmental Protection.

Benefits of potting soil

While most plants can grow without potting soil, providing them with a quality substrate allows them to grow and develop in optimal conditions and therefore to give the best of themselves.

Thanks to its nutritional value, the soil provides nutrientss that the plant needs.

The compost of different plant materials such as bark or manure present in the soil is also a real "Stimulator" for the plant.

  • Producers often addorganic fertilizer in the mixture to increase and prolong this characteristic.
  • Her water retention helps maintain a good level of moisture in the soil. This promotes the supply of minerals essential for the good growth of the plant.
  • Finally, the soil allows a better aeration at the roots and therefore promotes the anchoring and respiration of the root system.

Choosing the right soil

There are so many types of soil to the point that it is sometimes difficult to identify with the aisles of garden centers, nurseries or supermarkets.

  • We can consider that the differences brought by each product are not sufficient to justify so many references.

But large families of plants still have an interest in receiving suitable soil.

We mainly find the heather plants, flowering plants and geraniumsplanting trees, shrubs and rosebush, bonsai, indoor plants, mediterranean plants, etc ...

Universal soil or planting:

The universal soil or planting, by virtue of its composition, paradoxically has limited use.

Universal soils are often largely composed of composted materials like the pine bark.

They are therefore perfectly suited to the planting trees and shrubs, but not at all when repotting flowering plants or heather earth plants. These will require, for example, heather soil.

"Universal" and "planting" potting mixes are generally suitable for planting trees and shrubs, flowering plants, roses, but the repotting or some plants such as bonsai, the cactus where the orchids, require a particular soil.

When to use potting soil?

The period of use of the soil naturally depends on the plants and their needs. Depending on the period of flowering and / or vegetative rest, it is good to know when to use the soil for better assimilation.

  • We use potting soil when you repot your indoor and outdoor plants, in pots or containers.
  • When you do your sowing or your cuttings flowers or vegetables

At planting:

- Planting of trees and shrubs
- The heather earth plants
- Planting of rosebushes

Finally, the soil is also used for topdressing of your plants or your lawn. It is a great way to maintain your crops or your lawn.

Smart tip

Adding soil to planting is a real plus because it improves the recovery and growth of all your plantings.

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