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Manual mowers and robots: practical for small areas

Manual mowers and robots: practical for small areas

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Manual mowers and robots, here are practical ideas for small areas of lawns and lawns.

One is quiet and environmentally friendly, the other does the work for you: these two mowers each have their advantages.

Presentation of our mowers for small areas ...

Manual mower, silence at a low price

The motorless mower, also known as the cylinder mower, is emerging as an attractive alternative to thermal and electric machines. Eco-friendly, it works with the energy of the person pushing it, and has the advantage of maintaining its shape! At a low price (from 60 euros), it is silent, which allows you to mow your lawn at any time without fear of triggering the wrath of your neighbors.

As on a conventional mower, the cutting height of the blades is adjustable, up to 10 cm. Clippings are thrown over the front, forming a mulch that protects and nourishes your lawn. A collection box can also be installed.

In short, many qualities for a traditional mower that the English - who know a lot about neat lawns - have never given up. To be reserved, however, for reduced sites (less than 5002) or finishing work.

Robot mower, regular maintenance without effort

If mowing the lawn sounds more like a chore than a pleasure, then you will appreciate the comfort offered by automatic mowers, these little machines that work by themselves! Equipped with a rechargeable battery, their "exit" dates and times can be programmed in advance from a control screen. The departure and return to the base (in particular to recharge the battery when it is exhausted) is done automatically; you don't even have to be there to watch!

Battery life typically lasts 60 to 90 minutes, more when the sun is shining for Husqvarna's new hybrid power and solar panel model. Mowing time varies depending on the power of the model, ranging from 75 to 200 m2 per hour. A cable fixed to the ground by sardines makes it possible to delimit the area to be mowed by the robot which can detect obstacles from a distance in order to bypass them.

Able to activate in any weather (even in the rain!), Automatic mowers allow you to mow very regularly, promoting good health. grass. Enough to seduce technophiles ready to put their hands in the wallet, because the first prices start at 900 euros!

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