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Ornithogale: "the asparagus of the woods"


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The Ornithogale, "asparagus of the woods" or "lady of 11am", is a flower as beautiful as it is original.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Ornithogalum
Family : Liliaceae
Type : Flower, bulbous

: 50 cm
Exposure : Sunny, partial shade
Ground : ordinary but well drained

: Expired -Flowering : May to July

Easy to grow, it will surprise you in the garden ...

Planting of ornithogonale

Plant the bulbs from March, keeping a distance of about 10 cm between each bulb.

  • Plant the bulbs 5-6 cm deep
  • Follow our advice planting bulbs.
  • Multiplication by bulb division in spring
  • We can also multiply the ornithogale by cutting off the scales or simply the base of the leaves in order to obtain bulbils that will flower two years later
  • But the ornithogale is also naturally multiplies if the surrounding soil is hoeed correctly and of good quality

Ornithogonal size

Remove faded flowers as you go to encourage the appearance of new flowers.

  • Cut back at the end of flowering.

To know about the ornithogonal

Very beautiful flowering which spreads from spring to summer and which gives off a delicate fragrance, the ornithogale is also called "11 o'clock lady" because its flowers are blooming at that time.

Depending on the variety, there are white and green flowers but also gold or copper.

Thus, we find theOrnithogalum arabicum, theOrnithogalum nutans, theOrnithogalum dubium or theOrnithogalum umbellatum.

Smart tip

Before the flowers wilt, cut a few stems that you will put in a vase to prolong flowering.

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