How to arrange an outdoor kitchen?

How to arrange an outdoor kitchen?

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Arranging an outdoor kitchen allows you to enjoy a convivial outdoor space. Welcome family and friends around a delicious meal prepared by you from your garden.

Discover our layout ideas to create a summer kitchen!

Where to place an outdoor kitchen?

If you are putting in a sink, you will need a water supply. You will also need an outlet to plug in electrical devices. It is therefore better to place your outdoor kitchen close to the house. Plus, it will save you the hassle of going back and forth between your indoor kitchen and the summer kitchen. If you forgot the salt, all you have to do is walk through the door without having to walk through the whole garden. The ideal is therefore to arrange a dining area close to the house, on a terrace. Conversely, you can install a second terrace at the end of your garden. Furnished with deckchairs, it will be more conducive to relaxation.

How is an outdoor kitchen made?

There is not as much element as in your main kitchen, but a functional and user-friendly layout. Start by choosing a cooking method: a gas barbecue, a plancha, a brazier, hotplates or even a pizza oven. Also think of storage for your utensils! Don’t hesitate to choose a few cupboards or drawers as an indoor kitchen.

For even more character and sharing, a central island will complete your contemporary design. On casters, this kitchen cabinet can be moved around and you can always have contact with your guests from your sideboard. Finally, it would be comfortable to have even a small refrigerator to keep your drinks cool.

What materials to choose to create a kitchen in the garden?

The materials should not fear rain or frost. Natural stone will give a traditional kitchen look while waxed concrete evokes a sleek design. Brick goes well with a modern and industrial decor and brings color. Wood remains a staple garden material, loved for its warm and rustic appearance. It is also possible to fall for an imitation wood splashback, which keeps this cozy side while being easy to clean. To cook comfortably, bet on a granite worktop! This heavy-duty material is ideal for outdoors and features pretty shades of gray.

What shape for the kitchen?

U, L or straight kitchen, the silhouette adapts to the exterior. If you only have the wall of your house as a support, you can choose a straight model which has the advantage of being uncluttered. If your exterior has another wall, take the opportunity to make a return and thus have more space. In the case of a mini garden, opt for a small kitchen with a barbecue area with some storage space and a small worktop.

A dining area

All you have to do is choose a dining table to enjoy your summer grills. Decorate this space with a pergola or shade cloth to protect yourself from the scorching sun in summer. Do not hesitate to recycle with pallets to create garden furniture. You will then have aperitifs in the open air, warmed by a wood fire or a few comfortable plaids.

Edible plants

In addition to being the witness of your good gourmet dishes, the garden offers you the raw material. A vegetable garden gives you the satisfaction of growing your own vegetables. From the land to your summer cuisine, it couldn't be more local!

Many vegetables are tasty snacked on the barbecue. This is the case with eggplant, zucchini or peppers. A few cherry tomatoes, mini cucumbers and mushrooms will serve as appetizers that will keep your loved ones waiting while they wait for the grills. Don’t forget aromatic pots to garnish your pizzas, vegetables and cuts of meat. Thyme, rosemary and basil are summer staples!

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