Vive le Végétal: your zero waste and French plants!

Vive le Végétal: your zero waste and French plants!

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Produce plants without plastic or waste? It is the crazy bet, but very Earth to Earth, that Vive le Végétal has launched itself since 2017. It is in Ponts-de-Cé, not far from Angers, that the young shoot wanted to leave the traditional scheme. horticulture.

Until 3 years ago, all ornamental and vegetable plants were produced in peat, contained in plastic pots, themselves arranged in plastic plates, all adorned with labels ... plastic. That's a lot of plastic for a natural product, isn't it? Faced with this observation, the company of 5 employees started from scratch to invent the first zero waste plant.

Vive le Végétal's zero waste plant

Removing waste from a plant production system has not been easy. Many natural solutions were then tested to retain just one: the "TeaBag". This biodegradable solution is composed of a corn starch shell that contains coconut fiber soil. Add to that a bamboo picot which is used to support a paper label printed in vegetable ink. The plant will then be able to grow quietly in this zero waste clod, to then be planted directly in the ground by the gardener.

But Vive le Végétal does not stop there ... Due to its coconut fiber composition, the Tea-Bag mound is imported from Sri Lanka. In order to relocate its raw materials from abroad, the Angevine company has been using a new 100% French solution since 2020. The corn starch shell is then replaced by a wood fiber pot made in the Vosges (88), and coconut and by a wood fiber-based soil made in Saint-Mars-du-Désert (44) .

In addition to its zero plastic solution, it is important to point out that the company recycles all plastic and cardboard inputs from its various suppliers through an association specializing in waste recovery.

A wide choice of flowering plants and vegetable plants

To date, Vive le Végétal produces around 200 varieties of different plants in its greenhouses. Indeed, a wide range of annual, biennial and perennial flowering plants are grown there for spring and fall gardens. For example, the company offers its customers a wide selection of carnations, petunias, calibrachoas, as well as magnificent pansies and viola cornutas.

In addition, to delight vegetable garden enthusiasts sensitive to zero waste, Vive le Végétal produces many varieties of strawberries, tomatoes, herbs and many more. Finally, to adapt to any type of gardener, even the most novice, the Angevine company offers in its catalog a complete range of succulents and succulents, which are grown both indoors and outdoors and which require maintenance. minimal.

Buy and have your Vive le Végétal plants delivered to you

Since the first containment measures following the Corona virus, Vive le Végétal has been able to develop its own online store. Gardeners then have access to a wide choice of flowering plants and vegetable garden plants. Once ordered, their plants are delivered in less than 24 hours throughout mainland France. To complete the process, all packages are prepared without any plastic material.

Each of the plants on their online garden center are in season and ready to be planted when received at home. You can also have a lot of advice on their site and through their customer service to better help you in your choices.

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