Hydrangea in a pot: it's easy

Hydrangea in a pot: it's easy

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Growing hydrangea in pots is quite possible and it's even a great idea to adorn a patio or balcony.

Easy to grow, here are our tips for planting and caring for hydrangea in pots.

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Hydrangea in pot, planting

Planting a hydrangea in a pot is also an opportunity to remember some rules:

  • Hydrangea likes rather acidic soils, such as heather soil.
  • It dreads standing water and needs well-drained soil.
  • He appreciates cool soils and fears overly hot situations.

How to plant a hydrangea in a pot:

  • Plant in a good size pot, with heather soil.
  • Make sure the pot is well drilled at the bottom to allow the water to drain.
  • Use maritime pine bark mulch to keep the soil cool, especially in summer.

Exhibition for a potted hydrangea

Most hydrangea varieties don't like too hot a spot.

The best exposure for potted hydrangea is shade or partial shade

The potted hydrangea tolerates a few hours of sunlight a day, but no more.

Caring for a potted hydrangea

While hydrangea can easily be grown in the ground, it is best to prune potted hydrangeas each year to contain its growth.

Size of a potted hydrangea:

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Watering a hydrangea in a pot:

The rest of the year, plan for regular waterings, usually as soon as the soil is dry on the surface

make a fertilizer input for hydrangea or heather plants, at least once a year but ideally every month during the growing season.

Hydrangea in pot in winter:

Hydrangea is hardy and can be kept outdoors in most of our areas.

It resists freezing and negative temperatures down to -15 ° without any problem.

In the event of frosts exceeding -15 °, protect the pot with a large cover and possibly the rest of the shrub with a wintering veil.

Smart tip

Providing mulching prevents one in two watering!

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